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Serious mobile phone application developers already know the value of selling their apps across markets and stores in different countries, and that localization of applications can increase market share and lead to a larger base of customers.

Excluding China, Thailand has the largest demand for smartphones in South East Asia, with high levels of predicted growth and development of infrastructure over the next few years. It’s a market that cannot be ignored and we find that increasing levels of our business are coming from developers who have realized this.

We are familiar with working with UTF-8 encoded XML and resource files for Android and iOS, and all translated files are sanity-checked by an experienced software developer before being returned. We also understand the need to be concise with translations whilst keeping the original meaning of labels and strings.

We can preview Android apps in-house if provided with source or a pre-built APK, but unfortunately we are unable to offer the same service for iOS or other operating systems at present. However, we will gladly iterate as many times as is needed with minor fixes until the end result is as required.

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  • Definitely the one to use for English to Thai translation. Great communication and overall couldnt have been easier to deal with.

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  • Excellent work and quick turnover. Thanks very much!

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