The global market is here to stay, and Thailand is a well established and increasing part of that with its involvement in IT, manufacturing, food and, of course, tourism. It’s important to be able to get your message understood by your prospective customers, and the days when spelling and grammar mistakes are acceptable on websites and marketing materials are long gone. That’s where we can help.

Many Thai companies choose not to get their new glossy brochures proofread by a native English speaker, and later have to make the decision of not correcting errors, or of doubling their expenses with a reprinting. Websites are cheaper and easier to amend, but it is still just as important for them to be accurate. Contact us to ask us how we can help.

We can also provide translations of contracts, though we are not certified for legal translations and you would need to seek the services of an expensive legal translator to draw up legally-binding contracts in both languages.


  • Definitely the one to use for English to Thai translation. Great communication and overall couldnt have been easier to deal with.

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  • A very good first impression. We will definitely be using Sunisa for future, bigger jobs.

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  • Excellent work and quick turnover. Thanks very much!

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